Building dropshipping stores have made me massively successful at a young age.

Zero Capital

Dropshipping requires ZERO capital. Fulfill orders as they come.

My Best Side Hustle

Be in full control of setting any price you want, increasing profitability.

I Overcame Difficulty

Get-rich-quick? No. I put in thousands of hours to learn dropshipping and it paid off.

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Get orders on a 24/7 basis and my strategies allow for fully passive income.

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Working from my phone, I can travel anywhere without worrying about a 9-5 job.

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Change how you earn and live with dropshipping.

What is dropshipping? This ZERO CAPITAL form of selling products online is as follows; accepting customer payment on your personal website, then shipping the product directly from the supplier to the customer (i.e. after paying a discounted price for the product to the supplier). You literally NEVER touch the product - all you have to do is take care of the marketing! Yes, dropshipping can get multifold more complex and that’s why I offer lifetime mentoring for a small one time fee. I’ll get to that later. Dropshipping has allowed me to have $1,000+ income days - and I’m still going to college!

What gets my clients and I excited is the fact that you can build as many dropshipping stores as you want (i.e. almost unlimited scalability) and fully automate them to generate passive income. As long as you have the work ethic to follow a step-by-step blueprint on building a dropshipping store (with the right strategies and properly educated guidance), the potential income is INSANE.

A majority of the online stores you shop at employ at least a little bit of dropshipping - it’s crucial to long term business sustainability. This means that starting your dropshipping store can be done ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. This allows me to travel to dozens of countries every year (since most of my income streams are based online) without being tied down to a conventional 9-5 job. I take ALL my college courses online.

Go ahead and do a Google search on this topic - I promise you will learn a lot. Big name, respectable media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Tech Crunch, and the Wall Street Journal have published articles about the newest online income stream - dropshipping. My goal is to advocate for the fact that it is still possible to get into dropshipping and make serious money while at it.

Check out my Snapchat ‘luxallday’ to see my crazy and luxurious college lifestyle fuelled by my online businesses - my cars (includes a Mercedes AMG), my houses (yes I have heavy investments in real estate), and my travels (already met my clients in Bali, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. this past year).


I want to teach a few dedicated students.

Secret Growth Hacks

Learn the most efficient, effective, and advanced strategies I use to dropship.

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Join me and save thousands of hours in research. I teach you everything fast.

Step by Step

Get a tailored plan based on your interests and time constraints.

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Be introduced directly to my network of successful dropship experts to learn even better.

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Many claim to be experts but have only made $10,000. Stop wasting time - join me.

Let me teach you everything I know.

My students enrolled with my LIFETIME Dropshipping Mentorship Package (insane value) go through the most rigorous step by step training/mentorship for building a profitable dropshipping store that is sustainable for the long term - you can ask me as many questions as you want and get in-depth replies drawing from my abundance of dropshipping experience.

My proposal - I can help you build up a sustainable dropshipping store if you follow my advanced growth strategies step by step. Instead of spending thousands of hours figuring out how to build your store(s) properly, all you have to do is spend ~1 hour per day applying my growth strategies.

1 on 1 lifetime coaching where you ask me as many questions as you want - getting fast in-depth responses every time. One time fee and no further investment is required after that. In addition to lifetime mentorship with me, you also get an advanced 41,000+ word growth guide, detailing everything I have utilized to build a successful dropshipping income stream. Details such as highly efficient Facebook/Instagram ad optimization, every aspect of the fundamental strategies I use to source products regardless of where you’re based, over-the-shoulder training on exactly how I put my stores together, etc. are just some of the MANY things you will learn with me. I have all the details (one time fee starting from $397) when you scroll down.

An incredible way to start your first side hustle especially if you are a budding entrepreneur. It is also an undeniably solid side income stream for those who own multiple businesses already. Make money while you sleep - with my guidance.

One time payment and no further investment is required. LEARN DROPSHIPPING in every aspect and accelerate your financial health and growth.

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