Yes, I make $1,000+/day dropshipping.
The catch? I’m just an ordinary college student.

Growing up, I was known as the kid entrepreneur who sold lemonade, shovelled snow, and went door-to-door flipping cereal boxes I bought at the store. The thought of ending up at a 9-5 job behind a desk with 2 weeks of vacation/year, pushed me to constantly invent new ways of making MONEY - the key ingredient to unlocking true financial freedom.

When I first stumbled upon dropshipping, I immediately realized the abundance of money making opportunities available to anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication. If you are here seeking overnight success and to get-rich-quick, you are in the wrong place. I invested thousands of hours to learn every aspect of dropshipping growth and monetization.

Thankfully, my investment in learning every aspect of dropshipping has paid off and many college students like me are making 6-7 figures, simply by building dropshipping stores left and right.

Big name, respectable media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Tech Crunch, and the Wall Street Journal have published articles about the newest trend in ecommerce - the inevitable method of dropshipping. My goal is to advocate for the fact that it is still possible to get into dropshipping and make serious money while at it.

To ensure you are serious about becoming my student, I am charging a small one time fee in exchange for LIFETIME MENTORSHIP, with the packages listed on my homepage.

My proposal - I can help you build up a sustainable dropshipping store if you follow my advanced growth strategies step by step. Instead of spending thousands of hours figuring out how to build your store(s) properly, all you have to do is spend ~1 hour per day applying my growth strategies.

1 on 1 lifetime coaching where you ask me as many questions as you want - getting fast in-depth responses every time. One time fee and no further investment is required after that. In addition to lifetime mentorship with me, you also get an advanced 41,000+ word growth guide, detailing everything I have utilized to build a successful dropshipping income stream. Details such as highly efficient Facebook/Instagram ad optimization, every aspect of the fundamental strategies I use to source products regardless of where you’re based, over-the-shoulder training on exactly how I put my stores together, etc. are just some of the MANY things you will learn with me. I have all the details (one time fee starting from $397) at

Instead of wasting months trying to figure out how to start a dropshipping store, JOIN MY TEAM! Dropshipping is best for those who know EXACTLY step-by-step what they’re doing (I teach you everything), as it can get extremely complex. It’s not too late to start.
An incredible way to start your first side hustle especially if you are a budding entrepreneur. It is also an undeniably solid side income stream for those who own multiple businesses already. Take advantage of all the benefits associated with being able to work from your phone (i.e. with dropshipping) - with my guidance.

While it may be impressive that I am able to generate this amount of money consistently, it's good to bear in mind that I did not get here overnight. It's taken me a LOT of hard work, learning, and constant effort to build my dropshipping income stream.
I always remind people that the money you earn is merely a reflection of the amount of value that you've added to lives of other people. If you focus on adding tons of value and helping people, you will be rewarded both intrinsically and extrinsically for that.
Thank you for checking my website out and I sincerely look forward to seeing you GROW exponentially. BE MY STUDENT!

Have questions? Email me directly at: or Snapchat 'luxallday'. Guaranteed in-depth replies within 8-12 hours! I will answer EVERY inquiry.