DROPSHIPTUTOR Advanced Dropshipping

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DROPSHIPTUTOR Advanced Dropshipping:

FOR A LIMITED TIME: You also get my $997 programs from LUXALLDAY.com (Instagram) and COINTACTIC.com (Crypto) included with your purchase.

One time payment of $997 and no further investment is required. Or 3 payments of $397/month (CLICK HERE or email contact@luxallday.com for this option).

  • Lifetime Mentorship: Prioritized line of communication with me, a dropshipper who makes $1,000+/day. Step-by-step guidance - ask as many questions as you wish and get in-depth responses.
  • Step-By-Step 41,000+ Word Guide: Covers absolute essentials and advanced strategies - over-the-shoulder training with dropshipping right from day one.
  • Dropship Like Me/See All My Stores: Learn exactly which dropshipping niches are the most profitable (with
    constant updates), as well as my entire dropshipping store portfolio broken down bit by bit for you to understand.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Domination: Learn how to setup Facebook/Instagram ads the professional way. Necessities for success like retargeting, conversion goals, analysis of results, custom audiences, scalability, passive ad campaigns, and so much more - will all be covered in-depth.
  • Shopify Store Design: Learn how to optimize and create a proper Shopify store designed to drive sales. Completely from scratch including branding strategies and essential arguments such as whether to choose a niche or general store.
  • Product Sourcing/Testing Efficiently: Know exactly where and how to find the perfect products and cost-effective suppliers to use for your store based on trends in interest and profit potential.
  • Email Marketing Effectively: Be accustomed to the highly complex realm of email marketing, a vital component to driving back-end sales (equally as important as front-end sales). Know exactly how to setup an email funnel and fully automate it.
  • Affiliate Autopilot Strategies: Affiliates help you make sales without you having to do any additional work, leading to the high possibility of passive income. Learn the best methods of setting up affiliate marketing for your stores.
  • P1 Enrollment: Founded by DROPSHIPTUTOR, Phase One is constantly testing advanced prototype strategies and you will have the opportunity to partake in our experiments. Not only will this deepen your understanding of the complex dropshipping world, but allow you to know about the latest growth hacks before everyone else.
  • Registered DROPSHIPTUTOR Affiliate Program: Personalized discount code to get 50% of every mentorship program (all types) sale you assist in making.

One time payment of $997 and no further investment is required. Or 3 payments of $397/month (CLICK HERE or email dropshiptutor@gmail.com for this option).

Instead of wasting months trying to figure out how to grow, BE MY STUDENT AND BE MENTORED BY THE KING OF DROPSHIPPING! Learn step by step how to build efficient, effective, and profitable dropshipping stores - faster than the competition.

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Still have problems? Email me directly at: dropshiptutor@gmail.com or Snapchat 'luxallday'. Guaranteed in-depth replies within 8-12 hours! I will answer EVERY inquiry.